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      Guangzhou Exposition International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. as a collection of domestic and foreign freight forwarders, logistics program design as one of the specialized logistics enterprises, specializing in Guangzhou as the center, radiation in southern China, all major ports to the world's major ports of the sea, land, bulk cargo and container business, mainly for ordinary/major pieces of groceries, All kinds of equipment, vehicles, steel and other goods, the provision of the whole ship/boat chartering and special cabinet transport services. Bulk liner, the provision of fixed-line sailing liner shipping services, providing relatively fixed routes and port of destination, convenient for customers to arrange the goods shipped, for no matter how large, small quantities of bulk of the ocean cargo for the exposition is the best choice. Exposition International freight and the port of Guangzhou surrounding ports have established a long-term good relations of cooperation, have a professional cargo operations ...


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      Have a professional, knowledgeable management team to ensure that you can enjoy a good and reliable service! Focus--major pieces of equipment professional transport/miscellaneous chartering/Special cabinet/FCL LCL Air


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      Contact Person: Mr. Zeng



      Address: Guangzhou Chang Gang Zhong Road 128th, two United office building 212